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Ensure That Everyone Is Left Refreshed and Smiling

Give everyone the convenience and comfort of an on-site massage from our experienced masseuses.

Massage therapy | Louisville, KY | A Therapeutic Touch | 502-899-3949	Massage | Louisville, KY | A Therapeutic Touch | 502-899-3949

Looking to improve morale and instill a sense of well-being in your office?

Turn to a team of massage experts that have been providing convenient and effective massages in offices and nursing homes for over 13 years - your back and joints will thank you!

It's not just about pampering people - learn how massage helps your workforce:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved morale

You shouldn't have to go through your day with tense muscles

Chair massages offer your staff or residents a convenient way to relieve pain and tension without having to make the drive to one of our offices. Let us show you how you can feel better in just a few minutes.

See how a caring touch can improve your work environment or make an event special:

  • Corporate massage
  • Elder care massage
  • Massage parties
  • Home visits

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